Monday, March 24, 2014

Boots Botanics Ionic Clay Mask Review #powerofplants

Hi guys!

Today I wanted to talk about this ridiculously amazing mask I recently got in my Influenster J'Adore Box. It's the Boots Botanics Ionic Clay Mask.

A while back in ipsy, some people received Glam Glow samples. Ever since then, I've been on the hunt for something cheaper but just as effective. I found an Amazon add on that looked promising, but given that I didn't want to buy something just to get the add on, I waited.

And then this stuff came into my life. It truly is amazing. It has the exact same effect as Glam Glow which means that it sucks impurities out of your skin. And you can see it happen! Once the mask dries, any place that had impurities looks like this:

Not my picture

I was a little hesitant to try it because of how dry and sensitive my face has been lately, but it's really gentle and nice. It's a lot more watery than clay masks I've used before, but you shake it up and then apply it to your face. It goes on dark green and turns a lighter moss green as it dries. I use it before bed and watch Youtube while it dries. Then I hop in the shower and wash it off for the ultimate relaxing experience.

In the drying process

It really is incredible how much it's done for my pores. They're smaller, less noticeable, and I don't get a significant build-up of dirt anymore.  And the best part? It's roughly $10 AND it's available at Target. I will definitely be picking up more of this product when I run out (another good thing: it's not the biggest bottle, but it'll last me a long time) and it's made me interested to try other products from this line. If everything's this amazing, I may have found a new favorite drugstore brand!

I'd highly recommend this product to anyone with excess oil and blackheads. You will be shocked at how effective yet gentle this product is.

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