Friday, March 7, 2014

Nail of the Week 2/24 & 3/3

I'm quickly coming to the end of my dark, wintry colors, but I'm still loving how chic they make me feel.

Last week I paired Butter London's Marrow a beautiful, rich purple with Julep's Cameron, which I received in my February Maven Box. Cameron is labeled as a "Stardust Finish" polish which should mean that I shied away and didn't even try it, but it looked so beautiful! And it was. It's a lilac shimmer matte glitter and even though I covered it with three layers of topcoat, the textured aspect never fully went away. As an accent color, though, I completely loved it. And the one thing I will say for textured polish is that it lasts forever!

This week I'm wearing Julep's Kendra which is a frosty army green. I think I've mentioned this before, but I love polishes that feel as dark and chic as black but don't have the same harshness. This is definitely one of those polishes. 

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