Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Lush Haul and Best Friend Time

On my way back up to Maine at the end of February, I got to stop in Connecticut for a few days and spend time with my best friend from college, Alex!

We had a lot of fun together. We went shopping; I accidentally convinced a Cheesecake Factory employee that we were lesbians and on a date; We hung out with her best friends from high school and went bowling with her new man friend. It was so nice to see her after over six months of abscence. But, that's how you can tell that we're great friends: it was like we'd never split up!

On our major shopping day, she took me to Lush. Now, I'd popped into a Lush before in Portland and had a shower gel demo, but I didn't really feel like I'd gotten the full Lush experience. And let me tell you, this time I did! Alex wanted to go to get face masks, but I ended up talking to the woman about my new acne routine (I guess I should do a post on that sometime..) and how it was drying the absolute crap out of my face, and so I ended up getting more than just a face mask.

While there, I demoed two different face masks, a serum bar, and a lip scrub. I left with the following:

Oatifix Fresh Face Mask

Daily Grace Serum Bar

Lip Service Lip Balm

Celestial Moisturizer

(This one was just a sample size)

The face mask is a little weird. It's chunky and has an...interesting smell. It's not unpleasant, but it's a little strange. The woman at Lush kind of talked me into the serum bar, but I'm actually really enjoying it a lot. And I'm totally obsessed with the lip balm. I'd love to get a big size of the Celestial moisturizer, but I don't have $25 to drop on that right now. Some day, maybe!

And, for fun, here's a picture of Alex and I trying our face masks for the first time! Hers is much more exciting-looking than mine because hers is blueberry based!

Do you guys love Lush? What's your favorite product?

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