Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Graphic Design Inspiration - Jessica Hische & Archan Nair

Hey guys!

Just a quick update today to share with you two of my new favorite discoveries! I came across both of these artists while learning about graphic design and working on my Write On! poster for TAM during the end of February.

The first is Jessica Hische who does awesome typography work. Here are some examples:

This one's the current lock screen on my phone!

I just love everything about these. The typography, the quotes, the simplicity that's totally motivating. I wish I could create things like this. Unfortunately, I have to settle for using someone else's work, which leads me to my next artist, Archan Nair.

I came across a BEAUTIFUL piece of artwork that I ended up using for my Write On! poster. I looked up the artist, and his stuff just completely blew me away. Totally abstract and creative and absolutely beautiful. Take a look!

That last one is the piece I used for my poster. Not only is his stuff stunning, but he also gave me permission to use it! So cool.

I hope you enjoyed my little bit of creative inspiration!

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