Sunday, October 6, 2013

I'm still into you

Another crazy week at the theater!

Honestly, I only worked four days, but it felt like I had worked for seven by the time I got home on Friday!

I've been working hard on end of the year stuff. Mostly this week consisted of stuffing donation letters and sealing the envelopes. I spent two full days doing that along with Bob, a volunteer. It was mindless and it felt really good to get it all done by the end of the week. Bob is a one-man envelope stuffing machine!

All 3,500 envelopes. Stuffed, sealed, and ready to go!

I also worked on finishing the Twelfth Night press release and drafts of the This Wonderful Life post card and the Twelfth Night program. I'm also trying to figure out some stuff for the new website and starting to get group sales letters ready for This Wonderful Life. Thankfully, Dawn and I finally got some time to sit down and look at my expectations and talk about what I'm learning and doing. I've officially been at TAM a month last Thursday, and that's a good feeling. I feel like I've got my feet under me now, and I'm looking forward to getting some of these things checked off of my list!

In even more personal news, boy world is going fantastically. To make a long story short, when I was in New Hampshire, I started talking to this guy who I really liked. Unfortunately, he had some personal things going on, and it didn't work out between us. I won't lie, I spent a lot of time thinking about him, though. Well, probably about a week and a half ago, I saw that he had viewed my profile on OKCupid, so I sent him a message. We've been reconnecting ever since, and he's coming to visit tonight! He'll be here until Tuesday morning, and I'm really excited. I really liked him, and he really liked me. Just a case of bad timing and life getting in the way.

Next week will be a long one. We open the show on Friday, so I'll be working all week. Hopefully it's not too stressful!

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