Friday, October 18, 2013

The calm before the storm

It's actually been a pretty quiet week at the office.

I had Monday off, and I spent it trying to catch up on things. I actually ended up at the theater to do laundry (my hosts don't have an electric dryer - not a fan) but other than that I relaxed most of the day. Slept in, watched some of my shows, and just generally lounged around. I also went on a date to Gritty's in Auburn, and that was loads of fun.

Dawn was still out on Tuesday because she was taking her son on a college visit this weekend, so I was alone for the whole day. I decided to jump into the new production history for the new website. I've been working on it for four days now, and I'm almost done with the past decade. It's tedious and mind numbing, and I think I've spent far too long staring at the computer.

I also started to do some other stuff yesterday, including donation requests, donation thank you letters, and 2014 Page to Stage stuff. I also got another longer term project that I have to finish before we furlough. That's going to come up sooner than I know!

I've been lusting after a bunch of new beauty products lately. I may have to do some shopping soon!

Hope you guys have had a good week! Happy Friday!

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