Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Be not afraid of greatness..

Hi friends!

Patience has officially closed and with it, my time in Toad. I moved out Monday night, and am now in my home stay in Winthrop with the Knights. The house is nice (and heated!), my room is small but cozy, and the Knights and Teddy (one the actors for the tour who also lives in the house) is pretty cool. I'm feeling a little watched, though. It's hard for me to be in someone else's house. I liked being able to do my own thing at Toad and not feel like I was intruding. Also, apparently I have to move Thanksgiving week. I'm really ready to not be picking up my entire life every two or three months. It's starting to get really old.

What's not old is being out of that drama-filled house. Seriously, you guys, it was so negative ALL the time. I stopped even hanging out with them because all it was was one bitch fest after another, and it really drained me. Dawn even noticed. I ended up crying about it in her office on Friday because I was so emotionally exhausted from being around it. It's nice to be out of that living environment.

In better news, I had the day off yesterday, and I went on another date! We met up in Auburn to go apple picking and then got Thai food at one of his favorite restaurants. He's a really great guy, sweet with a good sense of humor. I'm not sure if I'm romantically interested in him or not (and there's other stuff going on - that's a complicated story) but he could absolutely be an awesome friend. I'm looking forward to seeing him again sometime.

In the office I've been working hard on the This Wonderful Life materials. I wrote a press release draft and made up some dummies of post card fronts for Dawn to look at. I also spent some time fighting with Dreamweaver to make sure the Twelfth Night resource guide was available to schools. I finished the day stuffing envelopes. Not the most glamorous of jobs, but at least it's not frustrating. Tedious and mind-numbing, yes, but not frustrating. And the most exciting news of all, I'm now on the TAM voicemail! It's like I officially work there and stuff!

So this isn't just a wall of text, I will leave you with one of two new phones cases I ordered recently.

I'm kind of obsessed with it. My phone never looked so good! What purchases are you guys super excited about lately?

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