Saturday, October 26, 2013

Baby, I'm about to have me some fun!

Happy Saturday everyone! It's been a good, productive week!

I spent Monday through Wednesday hard at work on our new website. It's coming along, and I'm really proud of the things I've learned to do, and the ease with which I can make some of the changes I'm asked to make. Not that it hasn't come with some huge frustrations, but hey, for someone who's never really done this before, I think I'm doing pretty well.

Yesterday I got to take a break from the website to work on This Wonderful Life stuff. We finalized the press release, some group sales stuff, and I sent out some feelers about ad space. I also created the poster which I sent off to the printer around noon only to have them tell us it would be ready after two! Speedy Gonzalez, Albison's Printing, Speedy Gonzalez! Dawn went out to lunch, so I didn't really get a break, so she sent me to pick up the posters and leave early.

After picking them up, I stopped by Walmart and Target to pick up some things. New beauty products and clothing (no matter how necessary it is) make me happy!

This weekend I'm in New Hampshire visiting my school and seeing their production of Les Miserables. That'll be tonight, and I'm super excited! I'm staying with my friend Sarah who I lived with my last semester, so I get to spend time with my favorite kitties, and enjoy Plymouth for a minute. I'll hopefully get to see my TD and some of my other friends. I didn't tell anyone in the show I was coming - surprise!

And, for a little bit of fangirling, this happened today:

Melissa runs Lulu and Sweet Pea which I've mentioned before and it's one of my favorite blogs! I read her every day! So this was definitely a highlight of my day! Maybe people actually do read my blog...

Enjoy the rest of your weekends!

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