Saturday, October 12, 2013

New eyeshadow from Coastal Scents

Hey guys!

I have some super exciting stuff to share with you today! A while back someone posted in one of my groups on Facebook that Coastal Scents was having a 99 cent hot pot deal. I'd been looking for some more really good neutral shadows, so I hopped on that quick! I spent less than $9 and got a magnetic palette and four eye shadow hot pots. I also received a Nyx shadow that they sent in replacement of the one I got in my Ipsy bag last month.

Magnetic palette

Starting top left and moving clockwise: New Penny, Sunset Gold, Timeless Taupe, Amber Bronze
Nyx in Walnut

 And now for some swatches!

L-R: Timeless Taupe, Amber Bronze, Sunset Gold, New Penny, Walnut

 Coastal Scents also included this cute little mini palette with my order.

What a pretty little mermaid-y palette!

L-R: Arctic Breeze, Laguna Green, Appletini, Indigo
I am really loving the Coastal Scents shadows a lot. I used them for the first time yesterday, and they're crazily pigmented, especially with a primer and a base. All my swatches are without primer or base, so just imagine how crazy they are with them!

I also really like the magnetic palette. I've been toying with getting a Z palette or something similar and depotting a lot of my makeup for a while.

Do any of these swatches look interesting to you? Have you ever tried Coastal Scents? What did you think?


  1. I love coastal scents, although lately I've been adoring BH cosmetics a little more!

  2. Nice swatches! I've hauled at Coastal Scents, but not for quite a while. I should see what's new over there!