Friday, August 23, 2013

Birthday Haul

As you know, my birthday was a week ago. I thought I'd show you the goodies I got! As I get older, it's harder and harder to tell people what I want for gifts, but this year was definitely one of the best!

My mom got me these beautiful pearl earrings from Kripalu in the Catskills when she did a yoga retreat there. She also got me $100 to Amazon, which I'm really excited about.

My aunt got me this backpack from Victoria's Secret. It's got two of my favorite things: mint green and studs! Unfortunately, the magnetic clasp is a little messed up, so I have to go exchange it. She also got me $100 to Ulta. Literally I could not be more excited. Now to figure out what to spend it on!

My grandmother got me a full size bottle of my favorite perfume, Victoria's Secret PINK in Fresh & Clean. She also sent me $100 which I've already used some of to buy my next thing.

I've been looking for a good reusable water bottle, and I fell in love with this one. It's glass, so it's a little heavy, but I love the size, and I think it's adorable. I got it off ModCloth, but you can also get it straight from the Faucet Face website. And the best part? The money I spent goes toward building BioSand filters to help people in Maharashtra, India.

Last, but certainly not least, there's Alex. She called me at midnight on my birthday, and I opened her present right then because she told me I wasn't allowed to until my birthday. Remember when we went shopping together? Girl paid attention! Apparently I mentioned not being able to justify buying either of these things when we were in Forever 21, so she went and bought them for me! The first is this cute dress with another one of my favorite things: skulls! The second is this cute little coral cross body bag which has studs lining the bottom. I'm super excited about both of them.

So awesome, right? I love everything, and I'm really excited to use the gift cards! Over the next few posts, I'll be sharing some more of the things that I've purchased with the money or the gift cards I've gotten. I figured I'd start sharing some of the awesome stuff now and break it up a little, though!

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  1. LOVE the earrings and the VS backpack. ADORABLE. The coral bag is cute too!