Sunday, August 25, 2013

Ravens, Bohs, Crabs, and O's

I'd say it's been a very successful half a week back.

I met with Andrea (the new director of Federal Hill Main Street) to talk about interviewing some people. Hopefully I can get that mostly taken care of tomorrow, and completely dealt with by Wednesday.

I also got my blood taken for my doctor's office on Tuesday.

Yesterday, my mom and I went over to the Columbia Mall looking for a dress for Alissa's wedding. I found this one:

I think it's super cute and totally perfect for a Fall wedding. Tomorrow I'm planning on getting my hotel and gift options out of the way, so I'll be totally set for that. Macy's was having great sales yesterday, so I also ended up getting three new bras (how long has it been since I've had a new bra??) and they're great! The one I'm wearing now is ridiculously comfortable (and cute!)

Then today we went to the Orioles game at 1:30. My mom set up a play date (yes, I'm 23) with a girl who works in the Marketing department at T. Rowe named Claire. She was really nice, and we talked about a bunch of stuff including Marketing and what she does and what we need to learn. It was nice having someone my age to talk to. Plus, the O's won (10-3), and my favorite player (Nick Markakis, #21) who hasn't been doing great this season hit a home run!

Tomorrow I jump in on all the things I want to get done while I'm here. For now, I have to go read. I requested some books from the library here using my mom's card, not thinking anything would come of it, but it turns out the Enoch Pratt library is way more awesome than I thought. I have an ebook I just downloaded and a paperback waiting for me at the library. If I want to finish it by the time I leave, though. I need to race through the one I'm reading now! Yay for too much to read!

Hope everyone here had a great weekend!

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