Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Headbands and Upcycled Tees!

Just a couple of fashion things today!

When Alex and I met up at the Maine Mall, one of my purchases was this cute knotted headband from Forever 21. I've been really liking this style lately, especially because it perks up my normal "get my hair out of my face" style for summer.

I really love the pop of color it adds. Plus, I think it makes a regular old bun look so much nicer. A little Rosie the Riveter in the modern day thing.

Once I actually have a little bit of expendable cash, I'm definitely planning on getting more. Forever 21 has some totally cute ones right now. Plus, Beth found a Pinterest tutorial on how to make our own! We both still have some extra fabric from our pajama making excursion, and I think my cute little owl fabric will be adorable as a knotted headwrap!

Another DIY project I've completed lately is this cool t-shirt mod that I found, strangely enough, on one of my favorite blogs. I say strangely because I was searching Google when I found the tutorial, but the blog just happens to be one of my favorites, LuLu and Sweet Pea.

Another style I'm loving is the baggy shirt/bandeau thing. Beth's style is definitely influencing mine this summer. She just looks so cute all the time!

Anyway, the shirt is my Federal Hill Main Street volunteer shirt from this year. I started with this one because I was afraid to cut straight into my Theater at Monmouth shirt without knowing how it'd turn out. I still intend to modify my TAM shirt, but maybe not this much. I may just go for a lower neck instead.

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  1. Awww, yay! Yours turned out great! I love that you don't have to sew it...you can just whip one up anytime, as long as you have some scissors :) Thanks for the little shout out! xoxo