Sunday, August 4, 2013

The Monmouth Fair!

On Friday, we ended up with some random free time, so Beth, Amadi, and I decided to head on down to the Monmouth Fair!

Got our tickets, and we're ready to go!
It was....quaint. That's the only word I have to describe it. It wasn't huge, and it was mostly deserted, but it was kind of cool to be doing something so very Monmouth-y. We watched an Ox Pull and wandered around to look at the Exhibition Hall and the other little exhibits.

Get real. Get Maine.
Crafts and the tiny assortment of rides
We played a couple games, and Beth won a duck!

She named her Canadia

Then we decided to ride a ride. It was probably our worst decision. We chose the swings which I thought would be fine, but they went A LOT faster than I remember the ones at the Leon County Fair going. None of us felt very well afterwards.

While recovering from the swings, we ran into Sam and Melissa, and we went with them to see all the animals.

Bunnies, and piglets, and tiny horses, oh my!
Soon after, we left because Amadi needed to get back to the box office. I'm glad we went, though. A small town fair isn't an opportunity you get all that often. Plus, it was relatively cheap. Even if I did feel awful for the rest of the day. Damned swings! 

I actually remembered to take pictures this time!
It was also cool for me because I finished reading The Devil in the White City by Erik Larson recently, which is about the 1893 World's Fair. It was cool to see the (pretty dinky) Ferris Wheel at the Monmouth Fair because I had a little bit of knowledge about its beginnings. A very cool book, if you're a history nerd like me!

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