Saturday, November 16, 2013

Black Radiance Shine Control Primer Review

Hello there!

Today I bring you a review on the primer I've been using for the past month or so. It's the Black Radiance Complexion Perfection Shine Control Primer. That's a mouthful!

For those of you who don't know, Black Radiance is a cosmetics line intended for women of color that can be found at select Walgreens. I first tried an eight-pan eyeshadow palette and a mascara which I immediately fell in love with. One of the nice things about this line being made for women of color is that the eyeshadows and such are ridiculously pigmented. 

If you read my blog on a consistent basis, you'll know that I recently ran out of my HG primer, and was looking for a drugstore product to replace it. I tried the Boots No. 7 Mattifying Primer but I absolutely hated it. Eventually I ran across Nouveau Cheap's review of the Black Radiance primer. She absolutely raved about it, and it wasn't too expensive, so I went on the hunt.

And, of course, none of the Walgreens in Maine carry Black Radiance. Thankfully, I found a very nice woman in one of my swap groups who bought the primer and sent it to me.

I really like this primer a lot. It does an awesome job at keeping me almost completely shine free (though not lately..but I think that's my moisturizer more than the primer), and I rarely have to use powder before 2 pm or so. That's 6 hours of wear with little to no shine! The other thing is that when I do have shine, it's usually only around my nose which is a big deal for me.

If you're looking for a cheap drugstore mattifying primer, I'd highly suggest this one. A little goes a long way (I use about a pea size amount every day) and it really does keep me matte for a long time. 

Confession time: It's better than my HG primer.

Does that change my opinion on my HG primer? No. Does that make me want to use it less? No. 

But it does keep me matte longer than my HG primer does. Even if it doesn't smell like pomegranates.

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