Thursday, November 14, 2013

Things I Don't Love Thursday Link Up

Hi guys!

Today I'm linking up with Melissa Swenson's Things I Don't Love Thursday!

This is pretty self-explanatory. Stuff that I am just not about recently. So without further ado, here's what I'm currently not loving!

Nosy family members
Without going into the whole big long story, last week I received an envelope from my grandmother. Inside was an article on living with mental illness. I have an anxiety disorder. I've been living with it for 16 years now, and I'm pretty adept at dealing with it. I've had some set backs, of course, but now that I'm on medication, I can handle myself. So when I received this article, I was honestly pretty angry. Some of you may think it's sweet that my grandmother cares so much, but it's not like that. She consistently tries to act like she knows more about what I'm going through than she does, and I'm sick of it. Unsolicited advice is not something I go for, especially when it's unwarranted.

People who feel entitled
I don't mind working in the box office, I really don't. What I mind is when people think they deserve special treatment for one reason or another. We have a policy, and at the end of every phone call, I say, "Just so you know, all tickets are final sale; there are no refunds or exchanges." But I don't feel like people listen. I had a woman call up and order tickets last Wednesday. On Thursday, she called and said they had a conflict and needed to change their tickets. I politely told her we had a no refund, no exchange policy. Her response? "But I just called yesterday." ....did I say it was a no refund, no exchange policy unless you call back the next day? No. It's our policy, period. Granted, if someone has died or you're in the hospital, that's a different thing, and we'll happily exchange your tickets for another show. But not because you can't be bothered to check your calendar before you buy tickets. Go to any other theater, their policy is the same.

I honestly thought I would never stop talking on this post, but those are the only two things that have been really bugging me recently.

What aren't you loving lately?


  1. Both of those things really burn me! I totally get what you are saying!

  2. Agreed! I love my family, but they can be nosy. Sometimes I just wanna delete all social media because of it. :)

  3. My husband & I were just talking about how annoying it is when people think the rules don't apply to them. He has people cancel their tattoo appointments or just not show up and then ask for their deposit back. Kinda the same thing- HELLO! Those policies are there for a reason, and no, you don't get special treatment. So frustrating.

    And I'm sorry about the note from your grandma. That would totally bug me too :(

    Thanks for linking up!

  4. I agree with you, I find both of those things annoying! I think that too many people feel that they should be the exception not the rule.