Wednesday, November 20, 2013

[Guest Post] Lessons I Learned from Being in a Production

As you guys know, I signed up to be part of a Guest Post Swap a while back. Today, I bring you my partner: Cody from Catching Cody Doll. She's here to talk a little bit about her theater experience in a local production of Pocahontas.

Take it away, Cody!


I can’t remember how or why I was involved with my local theater, Titusville Playhouse, but one summer I was taken every day for a month to try out and learn a production. The play was Pocahontas. I thought it would be neat to share some lessons I learned.

You make friends

Granted it wasn’t forever friends, but we all liked each other. We all were together in this show no matter what.

If you forget your lines it’s okay

We had about 4 to 6 shows. I did fine for all of them but one. The last one I forgot one or two of my lines. And you know what? Nothing happened. My cast figured I forgot and said it for me. It didn’t come out bad or weird and worked great. So really forgetting isn’t that bad.

If you don’t get a main part it’s okay

You bet I went out for Pocahontas and a few other major roles. I didn’t get them. I was pretty sad about it, but as I learned my lines I realized that being cast in a main part meant two things. The first was that being a main character means many many more lines to remember. Whew. Second I would be on stage more, meaning I would be seen constantly and therefore it would be harder to goof. This kinda contradicts the last statement but oh well.

If you don’t get casted there are still things for you to do

Yup, I learned all about stage hands and costume and makeup. My school plays were all put on by the drama teacher, and she already had everything she need done. When I signed up for this Pot I learned a lot about building sets and changing sense.

You might sing

Some roles might have singing, especially main ones. Luckily, I was too shy in the audition to sing and therefore didn’t make any part, but it was still scary, and I am glad I didn’t sing out.

Disney Lies

Yup. You didn’t know that? Well when I was in Pocahontas, they told us the real story. I wasn’t that upset because I don’t really like that Disney story, but it did make me wonder about the rest of the Disney stories…So now you have been warned.


You can check out Cody's blog here and follow her on Twitter here.

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  1. So true, Cody, so true! I don't care for the singing parts, myself, but being cast as a side character can be a lot of fun, and a lot less pressure. Thanks for sharing your Pocahontas lessons with us, and thanks to both of you for joining in the guest post swap!