Monday, April 7, 2014

Sally Hansen Gift Bag

Hi guys! Sorry this is a little late. This weekend was crazy, and today was too. But I have something cool to talk about!

About a month ago, I received an email that I was a brand challenge winner from one of my Influenster boxes. It was a Sally Hansen challenge! They said I'd be receiving a gift bag worth $150. I was super excited because I thought it meant I would be getting a TON of nail polish.

What it ended up being was even more exciting.

Yes, I did receive a few nail polishes. I got one each from four of the lines:

XTreme Wear in Marine Scene

Insta-Dri in Racey Rouge

Complete Salon Manicure in Back to the Fuchsia

Salon Effects French Manicure Nail Polish Strips in Steel the Night

But the best part?

I got a Sally Hansen at Home Gel Polish Starter Kit!

These babies retail for upwards of $50! 

I love gel manicures, but they're too expensive to do a lot. I've been looking at the at-home gel kits, but they're fairly expensive too, so I was thrilled to find I got one for free!

Mine is in "Red my Lips" which is not the color I would've picked for myself, but I'm definitely not complaining! The kit comes with the LED light, the gel base coat, the gel top coat, the gel color an all the other accessories you'd need for a gel manicure.

In addition, I also received another gel polish in Commander in Chic.

I am seriously so excited to try this kit out. Plus, now that I have an LED light, I have even MORE nail polish I can buy because I can expand to gel polish. 

Clearly this is going to be terrible for my wallet.

But awesome for my obsession!

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