Sunday, July 21, 2013

Even MORE nail polish!

This is going to be a shorter post than I intended because the second part of it isn't ready to be blogged about yet! So sorry!

You guys. I have a serious problem. No matter what, I can't stop buying nail polish. Technically, two of these came from swaps, but since I didn't swap them for other nail polish, I'm still growing my collection. The newest additions are:

Ulta Pinata Yada Yada, Ulta Boogie Nights, Revlon Whimsical, Julep Taylor
I wanted to wear Whimsical this week, but it hadn't arrived as of the time that I painted my nails, so I used Boogie Nights instead. I used it for accents over Revlon Trendy which is a really interesting bluey color. The longer I wear it, the more I fall in love!

I keep telling myself that it'll be okay because I only have a few fall colors I want, and then I won't buy any more polish. Now that I'm getting into the whole glitter thing, though...

My bank account can't handle this!

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