Monday, July 29, 2013

Five Products I've Emptied

Welcome to the second edition of products I've used up! In contrast to last time, I actually enjoyed all these products! Let's find out why!

1. Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion

This product has taken me a long time to use up. Not because it was bad, but because I'm really just not a body lotion person. I bought this two years ago (wow, really?) after I got my tattoo because I was instructed to have a non-scented lotion to moisturize with. It works really well, but I like scented lotions, so it got put on the back burner until I decided to use it up. But if you want hypoallergenic and super moisturizer, this is the lotion for you!

2. Love & Beauty Lavender Extract Makeup Cleansing Tissues

Honestly, I picked these up because they were right by the checkout, were $2.80, and I'm always in need of makeup wipes. For those who don't know, Love & Beauty is the jewelry/makeup/cosmetic line by Forever 21. They even have stores dedicated to only Love & Beauty products. I was blown away by how good these were. They smell nice, and weren't abrasive to my skin while still removing all my makeup. I have already repurchased these (I think they have a green tea and maybe another version as well), and I will probably continue to do so after I finish up all my other kinds.

3. Secret Clinical Strength Stress Response Deodorant 

I also received this in an Influenster box, and while I haven't repurchased this specific one, I have repurchased from the Secret Clinical Strength line. I think it's approach to the different kinds of sweat is interesting, stress sweat is just not my biggest problem. That being said, I loved this deodorant. It smells AMAZING and if stress sweat is a problem for you, I'd definitely recommend it.

4. Softsoap Body Butter Mega Moisture Body Wash in Heavenly Vanilla

I've already said that I love Softsoap, and this one was no different. I bought this during the winter when I was having problems with itchy, dry skin on my back. Since it's not the easiest thing to lotion your own back, I decided to try a body wash with a little more moisture in it. This did not let me down. I really felt like it moisturized me without having to add any moisturizer afterwards. It did help with my dry skin (it didn't magically heal it, but I wasn't really expecting it to) so I was happy with the results.

5. Buxom Lash Mascara

I bought this back when I was on my "all my makeup must be high end" kick from Sephora. Although in retrospect, it wasn't the kind of mascara I was looking for, I did enjoy using it. It definitely adds volume to your lashes and was pretty easy to apply. It has a fairly thick wand, and I liked the way it looked on my lashes. I had no problems with it smudging or flaking. 

*I will admit, though, that I don't feel like I'm very good at reviewing mascara at all. I'm naturally blessed with long, fairly voluminous lashes, so I don't need a lot of help in that department. I also like a pretty natural look as far as mascara goes.

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