Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Sorry this is a little later than normal. I've been super busy lately!

Before I begin, I'd like to recognize the tragedy that happened on Saturday. Cirque du Soleil performer Sarah Guillot-Guyard died after falling 50 feet during a performance in Las Vegas. As a member of the performing arts society, my heart goes out to her and her family, both blood relations and performing. You can have all the safety features in the world in place and accidents still happen.

Now on to happier things.

Black Fly went well. And by went well I mean everyone enjoyed it thoroughly.

It was for me, however, one of the most stressful sound situations I've ever been in. The computer was acting really glitchy, and at intermission we figured out why. The computer had used the wrong patch when I set up the Black Fly SFX file, and obviously it wasn't having it. We fixed the patch, but that meant that all my levels were wrong. The short story is that Beka and I ended up mixing the Disney princess medley over headset, since it's virtually impossible to hear from the booth. Not an experience I'd like to repeat, though the princesses were lovely.

Alex as Jasmine, Beth as Pocahontas, Amadi as Tiana, and Hannah as Cinderella

Then we moved right on, and now we're in tech for Knight of the Burning Pestle. It's going very well. I haven't been doing very much in the booth - mostly reading and playing Candy Crush Saga - but the show is looking very nice.

Aislinn and Alex as Lucy and Jasper

Tomorrow we have our preview and then we open on Friday. It gets fun after that. A month of tech, y'all!

Monday we had another day at the lake filled with swimming, jet skiing, kayaking, and delicious food. Beth, Amadi, Beka, AD, and I went out to Margaritas for dinner. It's been a good couple of days. I wish I could write more, but I must go back to Pestle tech! And it just started raining buckets!

Do you guys have any fun plans for the Fourth of July?

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