Monday, July 8, 2013

The Maine Adventure!

It's been a great week!

Pestle previewed to a very nice crowd on Thursday and opened to a nice crowd on Friday. The crowd on Saturday night was quite, but I think appreciative.

Saturday we woke up for 9 am changeover training after being up until three the night before celebrating Pestle's opening.

Beka, me, and Beth at the Opening Night photo booth
 Audio changeover is nothing, so I helped Beka with props stuff and then went home and dozed some. Saturday was the day of all naps.

Sunday we started tech for Shrew, which meant I was sitting and watching until the night came. Then I actually got to run sound because we lose Wednesday night as there's a Pestle show. I'm actually really enjoying running shows because it means I get to read in the booth. I'm flying through books and absolutely loving it.

Josh and Ambien as Petruchio and Katherina
Today was a glorious day off. Beka, Beth, Amadi, and I went to Brunswick (which is near where Beka grew up) and ate glorious drive in hangover food and then delicious gelato. We went into Cool As A Moose which was awesome and brought back a lot of memories of the one in Bar Harbor that my family used to go to when I was younger.

Beth, Amadi, Beka, and I

We also went to Target to meet Beka's mom to get laundry (yeah...her mom does her laundry for her...must be nice) and pick up a few things. Then we stopped by CVS so I could pick up a prescription and some nail polish (more on that soon!)

Then we headed home and had a nail polish painting party while watching Shakespeare in Love. Now we're watching History of the World Part One and hanging out. Tomorrow we go right back into Shrew tech. Such is the life of a production intern.

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