Monday, September 2, 2013

Counting the cars on the New Jersey Turnpike..

I survived my jam packed week! I tied up all my ends and even managed to have some fun!

Friday my mom's office was "working from home" because of all the Grand Prix stuff, so we went and got mani-pedis. It was glorious.

This was one of the best manicures I've ever had
The color is China Glaze's Turned Up Turquoise which is part of their neon collection. What I didn't realize is that it's matte! I'm really not a fan of matte nail polish, and a top coat fixed it right up, but I had no idea that it was matte to begin with. This is obviously another case of me not doing my research. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to have the greatest formula. It's chipping like crazy, and I'm so sad!

On Saturday, my mom and I spent most of the day cleaning and packing. I'm taking a lot more stuff with me then I thought!

We also wandered down to her office to see a little bit of the Grand Prix.

Conference room view
Then we got sushi at a new place in the neighborhood. It was a long, but good day.

Yesterday I drove to my first destination, Deerfield, NH. I decided to break this drive back to Monmouth up into two parts because a) I hate that 10 hour drive and b) with Labor Day, traffic's gonna be awful!

So I only have a little over two hours left to do today! And now that I'm already in Portland waiting to pick up an actor from the train station, I only have one left! And I get some company, so that's nice.

Plus, I'm going to the Maine Mall to kill time. There's an Ulta. I have a $100 gift card from my birthday.

This won't end well.


  1. I've always wanted to try matte polish! Good thing to know that if I try it, don't like it, just put a clear coat on top! :)

  2. Your nails looks fabulous. I have never tried matte polish, but you have inspired me!