Friday, September 6, 2013

Learning the ropes

It has been a crazy week!

So to catch you all up, I picked up Alex from Portland, and we made our way to Monmouth.

I now live with seven other people: six actors and the stage manager. There's John and his wife Shannon who are big into the opera scene; Connor and Matt, two actors from Philly; Marie, who just finished seven months in contract with Disney on one of their cruise ships; Christine, the stage manager who's from Utah, and Alex, who lives in New York.

They all seem like wonderful, lovely people, even if I do feel a little out of place with so many actors around.

On Tuesday, I jumped right into the Marketing world. Dawn and I created a whole list of things for me to be working on, including press releases, website work, eBlasts, graphic design-y things, and a couple longer term projects or ideas for me to be thinking about. I'm also in charge of getting the mail and general office-y things like that. In addition to all those responsibilities, yesterday I got trained in box office world, and I sold four tickets!

It's actually been really fun. I went postering on Wednesday to the towns of Gray and New Gloucester, and today my very limited knowledge of html helped me fix something on the website. Small victories are definitely good when you're just starting out.

Tomorrow James is coming by to talk about the new website he's designing for us, so that should be exciting.

Overall, it's really good to be back. I actually like being in the office a lot. Now I need to see if I can get Dawn to unleash the social media stuff to me, and get some new things up on the TAM blog!

This weekend I'm off to Vermont to go to my college roommate's wedding, so look forward to that for Tuesday. And look forward to my Mall of Maine haul on Sunday! Hope you guys have had a great week!

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