Sunday, September 22, 2013

September 2013 Ipsy Bag

Alright guys, it's time to talk about Ipsy again! Thankfully, I had no mail problems this time, and my bag got to me the first time!

Let's see what I got!

This month's theme was 'Classic Beauty'

Cailyn Tinted Lip Balm in Big Apple

The packaging is kind of weird on this, but I've heard that it's a great product - even for those who don't do red lips.

Starlooks Eyeliner in Obsidian

I don't use pencil eyeliner, but I think this will probably be good for waterlining when I feel like doing something a little bit darker.

Nyx Eyeshadow in Hot Crystal

I feel like it's my curse to get products I'd be super excited about if only they were in a different color. I just don't care about white eyeshadow. I'm trying to trade this for a different color.

Elizabeth Mott It's So Big mascara

I kind of need more mascara like I need another hole in my head, and, as I've mentioned, I'm really picky about my mascara. When I opened this, the formula seemed really goopy and thick. I'll try it out, but I'm not that optimistic.

Freeman paper masks

I'm not a big facial mask girl, and when I do indulge, I like clay masks. I'm trying to trade these away too. I might've been more intrigued, but a girl in one of my swap groups said her face started burning and got really red after using one, and she doesn't even have sensitive skin! I think I'll stay clear of that!

So that's everything for September! Anything that you are intrigued by? I'm not the biggest fan that I keep getting different products from the same brands. I want to try new brands, not the same ones! I am excited about the lip balm, though. Everything else is pretty disappointing!

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  1. I am a liquid liner girl and picky on mascara, but I really liked both of the products. The eye liner is especially amazing. I like the mascara, although I need to research the price, because it's not quite up-to-par with my Rimmel mascara.