Saturday, September 14, 2013

Second week madness

Well, I've survived another week! Administrative land is crazy, but lots of fun.

This week I:

  • Created a post card for Twelfth Night which included lots of fighting with Photoshop
  • Finished writing a press release for Twelfth Night
  • Created an ad for Patience in about half an hour
  • Started creating a poster for Twelfth Night which included lots of fighting with InDesign
  • Made Facebook cover photos for both Twelfth Night and This Wonderful Life
  • Spent a day looking at Wordpress and its capabilities as it's the platform for our new website
  • Had a photo shoot with Matt for the show where ridiculous pictures ensued
  • Learned how to and then (I think) successfully closed the box office
And in non-work land, I went for my first run for my couch to 5k program. It was raining and dark, but I kind of loved it. I was going to go for my second run today, but I might put it off until tomorrow. My legs are still sore from the first one (and my heel wearing last night) and I don't want to overdo it.

Also, I live with a couple who're in the musical, and they announced last night that she's pregnant! Very exciting news.

And finally, we went out for Marie's birthday last night. There was a band playing in a bar a few towns over, and they were awesome. There was lots of drinking and general merriment. It was nice to be out with people my own age.

Matt and I, rocking it out

Next week should prove to be even crazier, since the show opens! I'm excited to see what my friends have been working on! For now, though, I'm off to Augusta to do a little bit of beauty shopping (Ulta 21 days, anyone?)


  1. Sounds like a busy time! Whew my eyes hurt even thinking about all that computer usage!

  2. I've been crazy myself. Summer is always soooo busy! Congrats and good luck on your couch to 5k. Once you get going, sign up for a 5k... like the color run. Something fun! You'll get such a high when you cross that finish line after your 1st race! :)