Sunday, September 8, 2013

Mall of Maine Haul

As a direct result of me picking up Alex from Portland, I ended up with a lot of time to kill between the time I arrived and the time he did. I spent said time in the Maine Mall which might've been a mistake for my wallet. You end up buying more than you would if you weren't just killing four hours.

Without further ado, here's what I got!

Forever 21

Bluey-purpley leopard print headscarf

Kaleidoscope headscarf

You guys know how I keep saying I'm gonna buy more of these. I just wish they'd had more selection.


Black and white chiffon headscarf

Blue, gold, and neutral thin headbands

In my defense, these were BOGO 1/2 off. I would've gone home with a TON more, but they were pretty expensive as far as headscarves go. They have some super cute ones though.


Lee Stafford heat protectant spray

Foot repair balm

Butter London in Marrow - picture from All Lacquered Up

Honestly, I was really surprised at myself at Ulta. I had $100, but I guess since it was a finite amount (and not just my check account) I really wanted to make sure I needed everything I got. You could make a case for the nail polish not being a need, but really, it's me. 

So that's everything! Have you guys had any great hauls lately? What's your take on the headscarf trend?

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