Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Year Announcement!

Happy 2014 you guys!

I've just got a little announcement for you today.

Since I'm on furlough from work for two months, my blog is going on a bit of a hiatus for January and February. I'll still be posting, just not as much.

I've decided I'm going to take part in Makeup Monday and post beauty-related things on Mondays. Wednesdays will be for personal or non-beauty related updates, and every other Friday will be a NOTW. As of now, this will only be temporary. Once I start having a normal schedule again, I hope to be back to posting every other day.

For now, though, I'll only be posting two or three things a week. This will start Friday and go until the beginning of March sometime.

Thanks for understanding and for reading! I really appreciate everyone who reads this blog, and I want to keep it going and spend time on the content I post instead of burning out because I set an unrealistic goal for myself.

I'll see you guys on Friday!

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