Saturday, December 28, 2013

The Body Shop Love

I'm foregoing a "December favorites" post because honestly, with how crazy this month has been, I haven't been able to try a lot of new products. Everything I've been loving this month has been stuff I've been loving for a while. So, instead, I'm gonna show off some of the things I bought for other people this month.

Thanks to Groupon, I bought a lot of my Christmas gifts at The Body Shop this year! Back in November they were having a spend $10, get $20 deal, so I bought two of them. And I got a ton of great stuff! I hadn't been in there for a while, and I was really impressed with everything.

They have a new-ish line called Honeymania which smells awesome! It's light and not overwhelming, but still warm and cozy smelling. I bought this scent for my dad's girlfriend, my aunt, and my best friend.

Honeymania Shower Gel
Honeymania Body Spray
And then, because I fell in LOVE with the Satsuma scent, I bought myself a few things too.

Satsuma Shower Gel

Satsuma Body Butter
Technically I bought this at Ulta, but it's from The Body Shop

I also picked up a mini Tea Tree Skin Clearing Face Wash because I had to hit the $20 limit and everything I was buying was 40% off already.

I'm really interested in the Tea Tree line. My sister says she's been using tea tree oil for blemishes and it's really working for her, so I figure this can't hurt!

Anything you love from The Body Shop? Have you tried the Tea Tree line? Anything you love? Let me know!

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