Monday, June 24, 2013

Five Products I've Emptied

I've been collecting these for a while now because I was originally going to make a video about them (back when I was trying to be a Youtuber) so I've decided to split them up into two posts. I assume this will become a regular thing as I finish up products.

1. Softsoap Body Butter Coconut Scrub Body Wash

I am a huge fan of the Softsoap brand. Ever since I received the Coconut Scrub bar soap in an Influenster Box, I've been enjoying trying all the scents and formulas. This was the first one I tried because I loved the bar version of it so much. It's lovely and exfoliating without being abrasive to my very sensitive skin. It smells really good too! I'd definitely recommend it.

2. Boi-ing Concealer

This was my holy grail concealer when I first found it. I still love it a lot, but I've been trying to reverse the slow move I'd been making over the past few years toward higher end makeup. I still enjoy high end makeup, but I'd rather have affordable options if I can find them. I never truly emptied this product, but once I hit pan on this, it dried up pretty quickly.

3. Not Your Mother's Beach Babe Texturizing Sea Salt Spray

As previously noted, I'm not a huge fan of this brand. I received a trial size of this in an Influenster box, and I was really excited about it. I had been eyeing this product (and sea salt sprays in general) for a while now, and I loved that I got to try it before I bought it. I loved it at first, but the more I used it, I just didn't think it did anything for my hair. My hair is naturally wavy, and I didn't feel like I could use this product by itself. It just didn't give me the look I was wanting. 

4. Organix Hydrating Macadamia Oil Intensive Moisture Mask

I've been lusting over the Natural Macadamia Oil brand hair mask for a while, but I just couldn't justify the $33 I would have to spend on it, so when I heard a Youtuber talk about how great this one was, I decided to try it. First of all, I love packaging like this. Love it. Can be sucked in by just about anything in this packaging. Second, there's really nothing wrong with this mask except I didn't feel like it did much for my hair. My hair is not ridiculously dry or damaged and maybe I would've noticed a difference if it was, but I just felt like the formula didn't cling to my hair enough to really penetrate and make my hair super soft. There was nothing bad about this product, per se, but it was more of a regular conditioner than a special treatment mask.

4. Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes

Yet another thing that Youtube raves about that I didn't like. I like the Simple brand a lot. I've used their cleanser, and I'm currently using the moisturizer, and I really enjoy both of those products, so I had no qualms about buying the facial wipes. My issue with these is that they weren't wet enough for me. I felt like I had to scrub my face with them to get makeup off. For a brand that calls itself the "sensitive skin experts" this was unexpected. The truth is, my $2.80 wipes from Forever 21 work way better than these.

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