Thursday, June 13, 2013

It's been a good couple of days!

Rew and I have been cleaning and tidying up, and stuff's actually starting to look really nice! Plus, he's actively helping me learn. Explaining things to me and asking me what I want to learn more about. We went for coffee and ice cream one afternoon, and we talked about my goals, and he drew me a map of how the monitor system was set up. It's so nice to have someone who cares as much about me learning as I do. I feel like I may actually be finally understanding.

He also taught me to solder today, and I fixed a cable! I feel really comfortable with him already which is nice because I have a hard time learning if I'm not comfortable around the person who's teaching me. I feel like I can't make mistakes or ask questions, and I get really self-conscious which is unconducive to the learning process. But here I feel like it's okay if we go slower and it's okay if I have to ask about something I should (probably) already know. Not having the time to learn in school hindered me, but I'm determined to make up for it here!

I'm excited to start working on shows. I know that once I fall into being a board op monkey, I'll get bored, but I'm excited to go through tech and have it not be a massive disaster. Though I do wish I had more access to things like live mixing here.

Since Rew doesn't have an actual office, we've been spending a lot of time in the library. If there's one thing I love above everything else in this town, it's the library. It's so small-town, and the atmosphere is so friendly and warm. I love sitting there and listening to the people come in and the librarian talk to them and make suggestions. There's such a charm about a small town. There's also a book sale in the basement, and I am definitely buying at least two books.

I said I'd get tired of the atmosphere in Toad, and it's already started. It's loud and energetic most of the time, which is just not something I like. Thankfully, I can hole up in my room most of the time and escape it, but it's hard that this is the base for most of the activity because it means there are people here all of the time. My introverted self is trying hard to adjust. I'm definitely glad I have a car, though, so I can strike out on my own when I need to do so.

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