Saturday, June 29, 2013

We're preparing to start our month of tech! It's exciting to be starting all the other shows. I've now seen stumble throughs of Our Town and The Year of Magical Thinking which are both going to be great. I have a lot more appreciation for Our Town then when I was in the production in 10th grade.

There I am, in the white

The Year of Magical Thinking is based on a book by Joan Didion and the play combines the stories of the book by the same name and Blue Nights, her next book. The play deal with Didion's husband's sudden death of a heart attack in 2003 and the subsequent death of her only daughter 20 months later in 2005. It's a one woman show, and I was really touched, even in the stumble through.

I had some problems with the play, but I think I tend to be easily swayed by true stories of love and loss. Even though Janis (our actress) was beating herself up, I was moved by her performance.

Rew and I spent Tuesday recording songs that will be used in Knight of the Burning Pestle to help the actors learn their parts and then slogging through our recordings to find the best take. It took the better part of the afternoon, but it was nice to feel like I was working toward a palpable goal. Rew's also given me the task of researching music of the time period for The Taming of the Shrew because he's feeling a bit behind.

On Thursday I spent most of my time editing together a Disney princess medley for Black Fly Follies, and found out that my editing skills aren't nearly as bad as I thought they were. Rew gave me a few pointers, but I was basically on track, and that was an awesome feeling.

Our tech for Black Fly was...not fun. People aren't taking it seriously, and it was a really frustrating night. Hopefully the performance will be better. Stay tuned!

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