Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Making love out by the lake to our favorite song..

Sunday was so much fun!

After a pretty miserable Saturday and staying up way later than normal both Friday and Saturday nights, I slept in Sunday and spent most of the day lazing around in my bed with the internet. Then Beth and I got up and got ourselves ready for our lake day!

One of the TAM board members lives off of Berry Pond, and they graciously invited the summer company to come hang out! So Beth and I did the necessary hair removal, she fishtailed my hair, and we were ready! Saturday night, she, Amadi, and I went bathing suit shopping (since I haven't owned a bathing suit in....ever) and we were all set!

We pretty much arrived and dove in. I barely had time to be self conscious, and it was wonderful. The water was actually way warmer than I was expecting, and they had one of those floating platforms, so a bunch of us swam or canoed/kayaked out to it and hung out until it was time for dinner. Then we ate delicious burgers and pasta and potato salad.

After dinner, Amadi, Beth, Beka, and I played Cornhole (my team won) and then Beka left and Tannis (our master carpenter) joined us for Kubb (my team lost) which was fun and a lot harder than it looks! Afterwards we ate brownie sundaes for dessert and then decided we wanted to venture back into the water, despite the fact that it was starting to get dark. So Amadi, Beth, and I set off in the canoe and Ryan set off in a kayak. We putzed around in the water for a bit, enjoying the Maine landscape, and then we headed to the floating platform where we tied up our boats and jumped in again.

Beth may or may not have mentioned that going skinny dipping was on her bucket list, and so the four of us may or may not have stripped off our swimsuits and gone skinny dipping. And the skinny dipping may or may not have included Beth, Ryan, and I climbing onto the floating platform naked (one at a time) and jumping off the other side.

It was really cool to not have to worry about water snakes or any of the other abundance of wildlife that wants to kill you in Florida lakes. And, it was really lovely to spend some much needed down time with these wonderful, talented, crazy people who are rapidly becoming close friends.

Next Monday we have another lake party that starts at 11am, so we get to spend the entire day swimming and playing. I'm excited about it. I forgot how much I love doing stuff like that. Maybe I'll actually remember to take some pictures so that my blog isn't a wall of text. Until next time, lovelies!

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