Saturday, June 15, 2013

Softsoap Limited Edition Summer 2013

A while back, I journeyed to Walmart to see if they had the new summer Softsoaps in yet. They didn't, but they still had some of the spring ones. I ended up picking up the Forever Springtime scent because as glorious as the Lemonade Berry Splash sounded, it was way to strong for me. I love the Forever Springtime scent, but I was really on the hunt for the summer ones.

The second day I was in Monmouth, I ventured to the Walmart in Augusta to buy a few things. I decided to peruse the beauty aisles, and while I was at it, I saw one of the summer Softsoaps!

Unfortunately, they only had the Pacific Sunset scent, but since that sounded more appealing to me anyway, I wasn't too disappointed. 

I'm still finishing up my Forever Springtime, but I'm excited to start in on the Pacific Sunset. I really enjoy switching up my body wash and rarely using the same scent twice! Is anyone loving either of these? Have you found them yet?

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