Monday, June 10, 2013

It's been a little while!

There's been some sickness going around Toad lately. One of our actors started it, and now our master electrician has it. I got some form of sickness/my body figuring out the climate but it wasn't nearly as bad as what Ryan and Sam have. Mine was more of a general meh-ness and a scratchy throat.

Because of that and because it was prep week, there wasn't a whole lot to do last week, so I ended up with a lot of time off. I ended up sleeping for most of it trying to ward off the sickness, so I didn't do anything super exciting in that time.

There was a little bit of a clash between the production manager and my supervisor, but I think that's all been worked out now. My hours have also changed from 9:30-5 to roughly 1-8 pm. My supervisor and I both work better that way, so that'll be nice. I can sleep in!

I helped do some inventory which was entertaining. Lots of poorly made equipment (from Radioshack? Really?) and super old equipment.

Reel to reel tape deck, anyone?
Today we had intern orientation with the artistic director, and it was great. It's so nice to hear that someone actually cares about my intern experience here. Then we had lunch and so many new people have arrived! It's bustling and busy and very exciting. Then we had a company meeting where we went over everything from safety to life in Monmouth. Tonight there's a company dinner at a board member's house. She apparently makes amazing desserts, so I'm looking forward to that, even though I'm tired.

Yesterday was my day off so I went down to Arundel, ME where my best friend Alex is working at the Arundel Barn Playhouse.

I hung out with her crew, went to the beach, watched part of the Tony's, and just generally enjoyed the day. I hadn't seen her in forever, so it was really nice to get away from Monmouth and see a familiar face.

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