Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Tang of the Salty Sea will Call Us Home..

I've been pretty lucky in terms of theater experience. I spent the last two summers in Seattle and California, and I landed a pretty awesome sound internship for this summer as well. And this one gives me room and board as well as a small paycheck!

This time, I've traveled up the coast to Monmouth, Maine which is about 20 minutes south of Augusta (which is the capital, in case you, like me, are not up on your Maine facts). I left Baltimore around 10 am on Sunday and drove, drove, drove for ten and a half hours (an hour and a half longer than Google said it would take me) and finally made it! I moved into Toad Hall (as it's affectionately known) which is this huge old Victorian-era house that sits right across the street (literally) from the theater.

The first night was quiet, as only three of us were here. The next day, I woke up and traveled into Augusta to find breakfast and explore a bit. I found a Walmart to pick up some necessities (there's an Ulta in the same shopping center...Lord save my paycheck) and then headed back to finish unpacking. One of my two roommates arrived not long after I did, so I met Beka and her mom. 

Then everyone started to arrive! I share my room with Beka (Stage Management Intern) and Beth (Props Intern), and we share our bathroom with Matt (Lighting Intern) and Simon (Acting Intern). Through the living room are two more rooms where Sam (Master Electrician) and Daniel (Production Manager) live. Upstairs there are four more bedrooms. They hold Aislinn (Actor) and Hannah (Actor); Ardarius (Actor/Shop Foreman) and Ryan (Actor/Box Office); Sarah (Costume Intern) and Armadi (Marketing Intern); and Luke (Actor) and Alex (Actor). The last three haven't arrived yet, but other than that we're a full house! 

There are four bathrooms (one of which also has laundry), a kitchen, a living room, a game room, and the scene shop and costume shop are both attached to the house. It's a crazy environment! Last night, everyone who was here went out to dinner at Margarita's and that was fun and ridiculous. Then we hung out in the living room until bedtime. It's a creative, energetic environment, and for now I'm loving it. I know eventually my introvert side will kick in, but for now I'll enjoy the talent and passion of everyone around me. 

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